What is the origin of the name Kuriwa?

Kuriwa Observatory is named after the 28 foot launch owned by my family from 1928 to the mid 1940s - Kuriwa.

During 1929 William Gault (my Grandfather) purchased the Kuriwa, a small ferry launch of 28 feet in length, about 12 feet in beam and 3 feet in draught. She was already named when she was purchased and William saw no reason to rename her. She was powered by a Regal Marine engine and she could attain a speed of 6 Knots with the wind and tide behind her. She was moored in Half Moon Bay, Iron Cove, Sydney Harbour.

She was the centre of the family's recreation, which occurred every Saturday, beginning 8-hour day in October through to Easter Monday. The day commenced with Maryellen (my Grandmother) and bairns Anne, Meg and Mary would pack the lunch, William along with bairns James and Willy would prepare Kuriwa, while bairns John and Georgie were sent over to Kendal's Garage to buy petrol in 4 gallon tins to be carried down to Kuriwa, which by this time was along side The Thompson Street Wharf. By 9:30am the family along with up to 30 friends and relatives were ready to depart for a day's outing on The Harbour, usually visiting Clontarf or Clifton Gardens and of course passing under the construction of The Sydney Harbour Bridge on the way. The photo below is of a some of the family and friends at Clifton Gardens, circa 1930.

Kuriwa Observatory is named to commemorate, what must have been memorable times.

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