Video Recording Rig.
Designed for efficient observing occultation events.

If there is a word to describe a good occultation observing rig, be it home/observatory based or for mobile observing is efficient. Any delay in setting the rig running, be it missing, damaged or missmatched components must be fixed, replaced or eliminated. To miss an event due to someone borrowing a cable is a tradgedy. Everything must have it's place and everything must be in it's place, ready to go. This is my latest attempt at a PC based solution.

A) Camera See TACOS-BD System for more info.
B) GrabberAn AVerMedia DVD EZMaker USB2.0
C) IOTA-VTIVideo Time Inserter. Swings up and over the laptop screen to provide good GPS reception.
D) LaptopDell Inspiron 5150 (circa 2002) owned since new. Pentium4 + WinXP. The battery still runs the laptop for 2 hours. Alas, not enough grunt to run OccuRec
E) VirtualDubGrabs at 720x576 resolution (PAL) and compresses using HuffYUV.
F) CameraAppStandalone TACOS camera controller app for PC.
G) CablesCables for; 12v DC input, RS232 telecope control, and (bundled) Camera power, USB and composite video.
H) PowerboardIncoming 12v DC power is fuse protected and split to power the VTI and Camera.
J) USB hubThe Dell only has two USB2.0 ports. One USB port is for the grabber, the other USB port connects to a 3-port USB hub for; camera control, telescope control and a USB memory stick.
K) Battery7Ah 12v DC Gell Cell battery (on ground) supplies power for the VTI, camera and telescope.
L) USBtoRS232Converter to supply LX200 commands to the telescope.
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