Why isn't the RC-01 supported by the TACOS BD System Housing?
When the WAT-910BD can be purchased with or without a RC-01 hand controller? Here is why.
  • (A) The design of the connector of RC-01 is poor and considerable effort is required to make it robust enough for field use.
  • (B) Using the On Screen Display (OSD) is a PIA (I won't ellaborate on that meaning... hehehe).
  • (C) I have found that AU$90 +gst can be saved when purchasing a WAT-910BD, by the non-purchase of the RC-01.
  • (D) The TACOS system is designed to control the camera using a PC/laptop via USB, so it makes little sense to have another method to control the camera.

    All this means the TACOS BD Housing is considerably cheaper without the RC-01. Therefore RC-01 support is not offered.
    Remember: the OSD is still available via the TACOS Systems, if you simply MUST use the OSD.

    Do you want more info? read on.
    Physical Problems with RC-01
  • RC-01 is a simple 5 button hand controller that is used to control the OSD.
  • The device is 40mm wide x 50mm high x 14mm deep.
  • It has a 4mm x 1500mm long cable.
  • The connector is designed to plug into the camera's printed circuit board.
  • The design of the plug is not robust and not weather resistent
  • There is no strain relief on the conductors to prevent damage from normal use.
  • My RC-01 plug only survived two inert/remove cycles before it stopped working.

    In short: I think the RC-01 hand controller is a poor design.
  • Using the OSD
    To use the camera via the OSD is IMHO rather tiresome. e.g. to change the gain 1 dB the keystrokes are;
  • enter = Display OSD
  • enter = open exposure control
  • down+down+enter = select gain control
  • left or right = increment gain seting up or down by 1dB

    GREAT! 6 keystrokes so far... now to get rid of that OSD;
  • up or down+enter = return to previous menu
  • down+down+enter = return to previous menu
  • up+enter = exit

    hooray. 13 keystrokes to change the gain 1dB.
    To change 10dB, requires 22 keystrokes.
  • I think you can see why we developed the TACOS System.
    where only one mouse click is reguired to change exposure, gain or gamma, from any setting to any setting.
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