How to Procure a TACOS-BD System
The TACOS-BD System is offered under various open source licences as detailed here.

In other words, the circuit diagram and software (firmware and desktop app) are free (AU$0.00). The project can be totally home assembled, where you choose the method of housing the board camera, purchase all the components and do all the work. This is by far the most labour intensive, but cheapest option for you.

However, you can purchase the camera from the Watec dealer and send it to Dave and he will complete the project for you, by fitting your camera in a sturdy Stainless Steel Housing complete with control electronics, as outlined below...

A Youtube video describing the TACOS0-BD can be found here.

Features of the TACOS-BD Stainless Steel Housing Assembly
1) Camera Mount
:- The board camera is difficult to hold securely and we use a 4mm thick lasercut aluminium plate that is drilled and tapped to suit the camera and housing and is rumbled to remove all burrs.

2) Stainless Steel Housing:- The camera and control electronics are housed in a sturdy Stainless Steel Housing. All holes and profile are precision lasercut, then folded, welded and buffed to a beautiful finish.

3) Camera Control Electronics and Firmware:- Are designed around an Arduino NANO microcontroller.

  • Shown above is one of the four prototype TACOS-BDs with the Nano mounted on some Vero board.
  • Shown at left is a PCB that replaced the Vero board for all new assemblies. This simplifies assembly, improves quality and reduces wiring errors.
  • An Assembly Manual.
  • An Introduction and Install Manual. <

  • Note:The RC-01 Hand Controller is not supported by the TACOS-BD Stainless Steel Housing Assembly. Here is why not.
  • 4) The Price of the TACOS Stainless Steel Housing Assembly, Complete, Tested and Ready to Go is AU$280 + shipping.

    To coordinate this;
  • First, contact Dave, (see address below) before purchasing your camera. There may be a bulk order in progress (minimum of 5).
  • If not, Dave will advise you of name and email of the best person to contact at the Watec dealer and what price you should pay.
  • Post your camera (or have it posted) to Dave as directed.
  • Dave will advise you when your assembled TACOS-BD Stainless Steel Housing Assembly is ready and how to pay him.
  • Once payment is received, Dave will post your TACOS-BD Stainless Steel Housing Assembly.
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