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Southern EXposure Time Analyzer - SEXTA

SEXTA was inspired by Gerhard Gangl's EXposure Time Analyzer. see.

The paper "Verifying timestamps of occultation observation systems" which describes SEXTA is published in the journal "Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia" (PASA), and is available here...
The SEXTA Paper..
We describe an image timestamp verification system to determine the exposure timing characteristics and continuity of images made by an imaging camera and recorder, with reference to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The original use was to verify the timestamps of stellar occultation recording systems, but the system is applicable to lunar fashes, planetary transits, sprite recording, or any area where reliable timestamps are required. The system offers good temporal resolution (down to 2 msec, referred to UTC) and provides exposure duration and interframe dead time information. The system uses inexpensive, off-the- shelf components, requires minimal assembly and requires no high-voltage components or connections.

We also describe an application to load FITS (and other format) image files, which can decode the verification image timestamp. Source code, wiring diagrams and built applications are provided to aid the construction and use of the device.

Here are hyperlinks to aid construction and use of the device.
SEXTA Construction Notes.
SEXTA code for arduino.
SEXTAreader for Windows.
Using SEXTA reader manual.


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