How to procure a

GPS-ABC is offered under an Open Source - Berkeley 3-clause licence, and this means the software and circuit diagram ect. are offered free-of-charge (AU$0.00) and the device is home-assembled. The only caveat is that Dave would appreciate receiving photos of your completed GPS-ABC.

Simply contact Dave at the email address shown at the bottom of this page and he will send you the latest copy of the (Document KIT... get it?) file that contains all necessary documentation. It is then your task to;

  • purchase the components listed here valued about $133 (depending on how sharp a buyer you are)
  • warm up your soldering iron
  • uncork your bottle of Supaglue
  • sharpen your wire strippers and get stuck into assembling. Once that is done you...
  • download the Arduino software (available for PC , Mac and Linux) and upload the GPS-ABC code via the USB port.
  • apply power, stand back to let the GPS acquire a fix, and admire the blinkin lights and annoy the neighbour with those incessent beeps.

    Shown below are some photos of some completed GPS-ABCs.

    be creative and have fun...
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