Power for your

GPS-ABC draws about 180mA at 6 volts and has two ports that can supply power. The USB Port and the DC Power Port.
The USB Type B port
can be used to supply power from a laptop or desktop computer of some kind. Windows may try and install the device, but you can ignore this, and if you have Arduino software installed it will reboot the processor board. Other than this, GPS-ABC will work perfectly.

The DC Power Port
This port is a diameter 2.1mm centre positive socket. It is important that you ensure that you take positive steps to prevent;
  • reverse polarity
  • over voltage (max. 15v)
  • voltage spikes, caused for example by starting of a car's engine, while GPS-ABC is connected to the starting battery.

    Both ports can be used concurrently.
  • Alkaline Battery Power
    Alkaline batteries are an easy way to power GPS-ABC. A new 9 volt Alkaline battery will power GPS-ABC for about 2 hours and 4 AA cells will provide about 10 hours of use.
    Rechargable Battery Power
    NiCd, NiMH or Lithium-Ion polymer batteries may be used to power GPS-ABC. A fully charged 9 volt format NiCd has a potential voltage of around 7.2 volts and will provide about the same life as an alkaline battery.
    Lead-Acid or Gell-Cell Battery Power
    GPS-ABC may be powered by these cells however it is all too easy to apply reverse-polarity, as the terminals are difficult to identify at night, and the batteries can supply enourmous amounts of current which will destroy GPS-ABC. So extreem caution must be exersised. A 0.25 amp fuse should be used to help prevent over-current.
    AC Converters
    These are a good method to provide long term fixed or base station power for GPS-ABC. It is recommended that the output voltage and polarity be tested as I have seen examples of converters that were incorrectly marked. I have also seen examples that did not provide a smoothe ripple free supply, therefore the Regulated type is recommended. Also avoid the type that has a variety of plug sizes, as it is all too easy to apply reverse polarity if you assemble the plug incorrectly, rather choose one that has a dia. 2.1 plug permanently attached.

    Dave offers two solutions to supply power for GPS-ABC
  • 9 volt Battery Clip has a 120mm long cable that will clip onto the battery, and is fitted with a diameter 2.1mm DC Plug.
  • 4xAA Alkaline Cell Enclosure has an on/off slide switch and a 120mm long cable that is fitted with a diameter 2.1mm DC Plug.

    GPS-ABC Costings Schedule - Battery Power has costing details. Both methods can be secured to the GPS-ABC case by way of rubber-bands and will not restrict GPS reception.
    Note: an internal battery was not considered due to the possibility of battery leakage.

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