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A portable GPS based precision timepiece designed by Tony Barry and Dave Gault.

GPS-ABC is a timepiece specifically intended to support astronomical occultation observations by visual (eyeball Mk.1) observers.
The device is standalone, powered by an external battery or other DC power source and does not require a computer to function.
At the front it has;
  • an 8 character 7-segment LED array that will display hours, minutes and seconds as well as satellite fix status.
  • a 1pps LED that mirrors the 1pps (one pulse per second) that is output by the GPS
  • a A-OK LED that gives status of the condition of the GPS's almanac and gives assurance (when lit) of the accuracy of the device.

    At the top is a piezo buzzer that will sound-out a clear time signal throught out the minute;
  • long beep = beginning of the minute
  • short beep = 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th and 50th seconds
  • brief beep = 55th, 56th. 57th and 58th second
  • 59th second is silent to attenuate the beep for the next minute.

    At the rear are the controls of the device, most of which are self explanitory, however to be pedantic...
  • Reset: reboots the processor board.
  • Position/Clear Message: activates the Position Sentence module (not implemented yet) and also clears any messages displayed.
  • Beep on-off: is to save our sanity.
  • BeeperBox Synchronisation port: allows synchronisation of BeeperBoxes.
  • USB port: is for uploading the GPS-ABC code, to output echo of the GPS sentences, and to power the device from a laptop or similar.
  • Power Port: DC power input port accepts, centre positive power 6 to 12v (9v cells are ideal).

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