Astronomical Digitial Video System Astronomical Digitial Video Recorder

ADVR is a sophisticated program that runs on the host computer.
The Operating System for ADVR is Ubuntu 12.04.
It accepts image data from the camera via IEEE 1394b and time code data from HTCC via USB
and uses high level logic to match up an image to it's timestamp.

Shown here is an annotated ADVR screenshot.
Note: the timestamp and other information are not "on" the image, rather the information is written to the file and frame headers.

ADVR Menu. key = ?

ADVR: to invert or not to invert, that is the question. key = i

ADVR: screen modes. key = m
These modes only effect the screen display, not the data written to the .adv file.
upper left = standard display, upper right = saturated star warning
lower left = lo screen gamma, lower right = hi screen gamma

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